Have fun creating, inventing and playing with physics


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Algodoo is an educational program that works practically the same as an interactive games workshop, where the users can have a good time learning, inventing, trying new things or, of course, playing.

The application is designed with a care that can be seen from the first moment in its interface. It's simple, clean and perfectly adapted to the needs of children. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that it hides or leaves out any information because any adult user will discover that it has a lot of possibilities in reach.

So if all these benefits turn out to be a little overwhelming, Algodoo includes an enormous quantity of tutorials inside the application itself, that will show you exactly how to use the majority of actions you can carry out.

Once you start to play with physics and all the options that you have to change it and have fun with it, you can start to create projects. These, once done, can easily be shared through the internet with people from all over the world. In the same way, you can download the projects of other users to play them.

Algodoo is a tool for programming, learning and playing, with which you can pass hours and hours creating, inventing, discovering, learning, playing... In short, it's a professor as well as a tool or a play buddy. All in one.

Trial version lasts 15 hours.

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